About Us

Anastasia Salter is an assistant professor of Science, Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore. Her primary research focuses on digital narratives and electronic literature as storytelling is transformed and remediated by emerging technologies. She holds a Doctorate in Communications Design from the University of Baltimore and a MFA in Children’s Literature from Hollins University. She writes about technology and pedagogy for ProfHacker, a group blog hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education. More at http://www.anastasiasalter.net/

Hack the Dissertation (HtD) is an attempt to start a conversation about how the work of the creation of a doctoral dissertation can be made visible, relevant, and impactful both inside the world of academia and in the communities and worlds outside its walls. The core tenets of Hack the Dissertation are:

  • A dissertation should be useful.
  • A dissertation should reach beyond the academy.
  • A dissertation need not be bound by the printed word or the page.
  • A dissertation is an opportunity for a conversation.

HtD consists of Paul Tritter, teacher in Boston Public Schools and graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education; Tom Neville, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Zac Chase, Harvard Graduate School of Education. See Hack the Dissertation on Facebook, twitter @htdcollective and www.hackthedissertation.org.

Nick Sousanis cultivates his creative practice at the intersection of image and text. A doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, he is writing and drawing his dissertation entirely in comic book form. Before coming to NYC, he was immersed in Detroit’s thriving arts community, where he co-founded the arts and cultural web-mag www.thedetroiter.com and became the biographer of legendary Detroit artist Charles McGee, among other things. His comics have been infiltrating the academic realm through numerous publications and he furthers his advocacy for the medium in the comics course he developed for educators at Teachers College. Comics at www.spinweaveandcut.com.